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What is a Hideaway Retreat?
Peace. Quiet. Some precious alone time. Space and time for a quiet conversation. Retreat with that book you've been meaning to read. Or just sit and enjoy the birds singing and hearing the children play.

The way we see it, a Hideaway Retreat is a special place where you can just get away from it all. Like a short vacation without the hassle.

And it can all be just a short walk from your back door.

Put a Hideaway Retreat at the edge of the woods; under the big tree in the backyard or on the hill with the view – anywhere on your property where you've always wanted to spend more time if only you could.

The way today's hectic world swirls around you, a Hideaway Retreat is virtually a necessity! And we have some very attractive choices:

Rectangle Hideaway Retreat

Octagon Hideaway Retreat

Oval Hideaway Retreat